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If hypem.com is any indication, there aren’t many passengers riding with us on the Mark Berube express. I’m not 100% sure why the talented nomad toils in obscurity. I’ve seen him bring a room of media folk to tears in an intimate 15-minute set and heard him bounce a room of hundreds between appreciative silence and foot stomping exuberance. His voice is powerful and the way he fuses timeless instrumentation with progression spoken word and indie-folk anthems should be enough to get him hours of radio time on CBC3, but for some reason he’s always the overlooked.


What makes Mark’s songs so special is how easily and warmly he slides himself into other people’s lives. Whether it be his childhood memories of colors and sounds from an African market, a roadside rest stop in a remote town in Northern Ontario or the border of two feuding European villages, Berube’s tales come from the heart; both his own and those he observes.


He’s getting ready to release a new record in 2011 - June in Siberia - and this track is the first single from that record and a stop gap, tour only EP. Kristina Koropecki‘s strings, thumping percussion and the bouncing piano set the tone for Berube’s vocals and the band executes a well paced, patient build before giving way to a gentle conclusion. Basically it’s another shining example of why Mark Berube is such an amazing song writer, one that deserves much more attention than we currently provide.

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MP3:: Mark Berube & The Few - Tailored to Fit
WEB:: http://www.myspace.com/markberubemusic



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