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When I sat in front of the computer to hammer out a post, my intent was to discuss Dan Mangan and his Polaris chances and why I hope that the eventual grand jury steps back from looking at selecting a “different album or artist” and judges Dan’s effort on the staying power and large reach it offers. Obviously, I didn’t get it finished in time, and part of the blame directly falls to young Zachary Lucky.


The Saskatchewan based song writer is setting to release his fourth record - Come and Gone - and I found myself letting the songs play over and over this weekend. Honestly, a quick look at the title and the cover art speaks volumes about Lucky’s sound. A plaid shirt, an old tattered couch and his acoustic; these simple items of comfort are the things Lucky probably reaches for and misses most as he travels the country playing songs and helps him connect with his listeners.


It’s no secret that bearded, white dudes writing songs about feeling lost, feeling alone and feeling the need to wander are about as common as profanity coming from the mouth of Rex Ryan, but when done right, there’s a reason the tried and true messages hit home. All too often turned phrases and witty observations alienate and cheapen the experience. Thankfully, speaking in straightforward language with straightforward intentions helps give Come and Gone an honesty that is vital to the listen. Zachary offers a tidy, quick collection (nine songs that barely crack the 23-minute mark) of slow moving, road weary tales of growing up behind the wheel and nights growing up with only the help of a bottle, encased in spare strums of an acoustic or picks of a banjo, harmonica, strings and occasional backing vocals, but each of his stories could be yours.


It would be easy to fault a singer for staying in the pocket - and admittedly Lucky does test his limits with the anti-folk ish duet “Hard to Love” - but Lucky has fine tuned his voice to this style and does better when he sticks to the standard Canadiana sounds and themes. There’s nothing wrong with playing to your strengths, and ironically, for Lucky his strengths is exposing his weaknesses so we can focus on ours. This record, much like your favorite plaid shirt or old couch you still love to sleep on, might not seem like much but you’ll be surprised how much you miss it when it’s gone.

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MP3:: Zachary Lucky - O Ontario
WEB:: http://zacharylucky.bandcamp.com/




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