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Every so often we get an email or press release that just grabs your attention and makes you wish you did something more. Obviously, slogging away on a blog is a relatively pointless endeavor in terms of helping society, but thankfully, ever so often we get the chance to talk about fantastic projects like Generation Ship.


The concept was simple; a local artist asked David from Sing Leaf to write a song for his new niece. The song, was to be put in a time capsule and not heard until she was older. The idea took off, and soon there was a full album of songs that discuss today’s world hoping to connect to a listener years in the future.


While most of the artists offer a futuristic perspective - Sing Leaf and Dark Bird could easily soundtrack an apocolyptic sci-fi adventure - some bands go the opposite route (The Saffron Sect may or may not consist of traveling bards) or a more contempory sound (Diurnal Daze). Probably the most rewarding, at least after the first few listens - is local boy Rich Aucoin‘s futuristic, pseudo gospel offering, “Without”. Aucoin has often been dubbed the East Coast Flaming Lips, but his touching look at life, loss, death and the unknown could easily help him slide into a conversation Wayne’s dining room table.


But really, the songs are almost irrelevant. Why? Well, all of the proceeds from this record go to a cause much more important than music. The artists donated their songs and their time to help. I could try to give you a detailed overview, but David sums up the experience much more eloquently:

All of the money made from this album is being donated to EAT TO FEED LIBERIANS, which is a charitable organization that operates feeding programs in the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana. They provide lunches for children and teachers at a school, and also run another feeding program/support group for 38 children who have been affected or infected with HIV. Additional information about ETFL can be found at I was introduced recently to the girl who runs this charity . She comes from a town not far from my hometown. She founded the organization herself, and it operates with just a couple of other volunteers. None of them take a salary, and there are no administrative costs, so 100% of the money donated goes directly to the feeding programs

So download the songs and give back. It’s the cost of a coffee and you can feel good about yourself for a few minutes before settling into some nice tracks.

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MP3:: Rich Aucoin - Without



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