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“Hell, Heaven.” For Montreal shlonk rockers Parlovr, it’s not so much a question of right versus wrong or good versus evil. No, instead of worrying about purity and truth, the band is more fixated on whether or not the debate itself is a waste of time and hints at the very strong possibility that maybe, just maybe, we all need both.


Soaring vocals compete against a surging collection of drums, guitars and energy to create one of the most addictive tracks of the year, one that downplays significance for something much more important; enjoyment. The sounds could fill a stadium if they had to - the thumping kick drums, ooohs and ahhhs take will inspire the most apathetic of listeners - but fit just as nicely into jam spaces or dingy clubs.


Without question it’s a tighter package than they offered on their jaw-dropping self-titled debut, but one built from the same sounds and sets out to do nothing more than reaffirm our faith.

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MP3:: Palovr - Hell, Heaven
WEB:: http://www.myspace.com/parlourmontreal



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