This Friday Tanya is playing her CD release show at St. Matthias church with a full backing band consisting of Jim Bryson, Tim CrabtreeBenn Ross (drums), Ian Bent (Caledonia), and Matt Myers (Gypsophilia). Rumor has it that there will be enough cameos to make Larry Blackmon blush. We have guestlist +1 for one lucky winner, so enter now as the contest closes tomorrow. All you have to do is leave your info in the comments section or email us HEROHILL AT GMAIL DOT COM. Good luck!



If you’ve lived in Halifax long and have immersed yourself in the art community, or for that matter, own a computer with access to youtube or Ebert’s twitter account, you’ve probably had a casual encounter with Tanya Davis that impacted your day. Whether it’s simply connecting through solitude or hearing her words float over top melodies, Davis syncopated syllables make a sizable impression.


For those unfamiliar with Tanya’s work and considering the global success of “How To Be Alone”, you might expect her latest LP - Clocks and Hearts Keep Going - to be a collection of spoken word pieces punctuated by guitar lines, spare percussion and subtle electronic blips. In reality, outside of the infectious “Eulogy for You and Me”, the songs step away from Tanya’s poetry and focus on bigger folk arrangements built layer upon layer with the support and guidance of producer and backing musician Jim Bryson. Clocks and Heart Keep Going moves slowly but confidently, shining the spotlight on Tanya’s words even as organs, guitars, banjos and drums fill in the open spaces.


Her fleshed out melodies show a huge shift in sound for Davis, one that benefits the flow of the record. Every song is a complete piece of work instead of a simple guitar sketch or a vessel for her ability to string words together. The organ and backing vocals on “Don’t Bury Me” and the electric guitar and shakers of “Hush, Little Weeper” balance the more emotional sonic experiments like “One Room” and “Sweep the Dust” but whether it’s organ dancing in the distance or banjo that appears to finish a song, Davis has shown that she’s more than a poet with a few guitar chords. She’s a song writer, one that continues to get better at what she does each time out.

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MP3:: Tanya Davis - Please Bless