Early last year we decided to let Jeannette Stewart bat lead-off for the Saskatchewan edition of our Canadian mixtape project. Considering the heavyweights that followed, her touching acoustic number “Prairie Skies” was one of the nicest surprises we stumbled across as we tried to finish the project.


Flash forward to today, and Jeanette is ready to release an EP, Jeanette Stewart is Jeans Boots and the precious acoustic skeletons are still the foundation, but her backing band (consisting of members of Library Voices and The Lazy MKs) add keys and bass to give the sketches an atmospheric wash. Considering the tenderness of Jeanette’s crystal clear vocals, the haze really helps give the songs a more realistic feel. The emotions and stories may have started as lines in a notebook, but the subtle additions - like the droning guitar that channels the monotony of the day-to-day office grind on “Paper Wings” - Stewart escapes the limitations of traditional ‘girl + guitar’ equation and makes this 13-minute EP a bit more hefty and and helps the listener settle into the sounds.


Here’s a fantastic little video for “Postcards”, one that take you back to your childhood and the freedom we all had before real life took over.

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MP3:: Jeanette Stewart - Paper Wings
WEB:: http://www.myspace.com/jeanettestewart