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Over the last few days, the twitter meme #tweetyour16yearoldself has produced a never-ending stream of semi-humorous 144-character strings of advice for the teenage you. As soon as you start reading, it’s hard not to transfer the idea to music. Granted, at 16 unless you were using the twitterz to send me a way to get the guy from Soul 2 Soul Records to NOT sell me Shinehead or College Boyz when I really wanted Roughhouse Survivors or Black Moon, I wouldn’t have cared much but that’s beside the point. Adolescent me certainly would have loved a heads-up about Ottawa’s White Wires.


Things changed when I was 17 and turned in my Starter.. ahem, starter kit for thrift stores dudes, chucks and a skateboard I could barely stand on. I also became obsessed with pop punkers like The Queers, Weasel, and anything with Fat Wreck or Lookout! stamped on the back cover. Funny story; when we headed to Boston, we thought we were so bad ass for heading to The Ratskeller… in the middle of the day. PUNK RAWK!


Long story slightly shorter would simply be that the White Wires latest, WWII, would’ve been a record that got cranked to the gigawatts every time I got in the car. The delicious mix of garage rock, 50′s pop, buzz saw guitars, surf and sun makes WWII a 27-minute pogo party of which you need to take part. The trio avoid filler and let the hooks do the talking as they power from sing-along chorus to sing-along chorus, refusing to let up for even a breath until the last track “Bye Bye Baby” (a glimmering instrumental sunset to this straight ahead rock-filled summer day).


This record follows the poppy punk recipe nicely - songs about girls, songs about screwing up with girls, songs about obsessing over girls - but The White Wires do it so well it doesn’t matter. The bass line and “ba ba ba bahs” on “Outta My Mind” are infectious, and really the same can be said about any of the other eleven songs. “I Can Tell” is a drunken sing-along waiting to happen, complete with the start and stop break down and heavy plucked bass. “Are You Mad” is a a 90 second ripper tale of a dude f*cking up and not knowing why. Basically, White Wires - much like another Canadian powerhouse (Japandroids) - encapsulate adolescence in a way that connects with the kids and warms the heart (and continues to degrade the hearing) of us older folk. Now that’s something worth tweeting about.

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MP3:: The White Wires - Be True To Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)
WEB:: http://www.myspace.com/theewhitewires




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Colin November 5th, 2010 at 10:28 am

Yeah this band rules, I have all their records, except maybe one 7″.

Gavin December 4th, 2010 at 8:15 pm


The record is good, live is better..

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