What’s This, A Party?:: Skratch Bastid, Parliment & Pink FLoyd

Quick, name the best DJ in Canada. Hopefully you weren’t expecting a definitive answer from me, because I really have no idea, but I have to expect that Skratch Bastid is certainly in that conversation. And seeing as how Paul “Bastid” Murphy hails from Halifax, we’re happy to post any new material from him when it comes out way.


To kick off his awesomely named Intercontinental Champion World Tour, SB has created a new video that documents one of his routines, in this case, it’s his Pink Floyd / Parliament “Another Brick in the Wall / Flashlight”. As per usual, it’s pretty awesome stuff, plus there’s a making of video to go with it, which is also fun. Also awesome is his Matt & Kim / Slim Thug mashup/remixy type jam he did a few weeks ago, so we’ll post that up to put some pep in your step today. Enjoy your Saturday.


VIDEO:: Skratch Bastid - Pink Floyd meets P-Funk - “Another Brick in the Wall/Flashlight”


VIDEO:: Skratch Bastid - The Making of Pink Floyd meets P-Funk - “Another Brick in the Wall/Flashlight”

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MP3:: Cameras vs Like A Boss - Matt & Kim / Slim (Thug) (a Skratch Bastid Remix)
WEB:: www.skratchbastid.com/

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