Christmas Stocking Stuffers:: Postdata, Young Doctors in Love, Jody Glenham, Coco et Co & More!

It’s the season of giving… and rum & eggnogs. Since I have two weeks off, I thought I’d try a little (or a lot) of each. This post is full of gift ideas, free songs from great bands and is drunk enough to make anyone’s Work Party a little too grabby.

Up first, three new songs (well, new to the masses as they were recorded at the same time Paul recorded the album) from Postdata. “Blood Black” is my favorite song the band has ever written and considering the self-titled LP made the Top 10 for me this year, that’s saying something.

More great news from Young Doctors in Love. They’ve made the executive decision to give away their top shelf EP, Five Golden Greats for free on their bandcamp site. If you like the New Porns, good music and great people you can’t go wrong with this Ontario band.

Vancouver’s Jody Glenham appears to be on tour in all of our beds this year, at least according to her myspace and if that doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, her brand new New York inspired holiday (not Christmas) song, “Snow in New York” certainly will.

Coco et Co gave us a heartfelt take on “Sara Smile”, and really that’s enough to keep them off the Naughty list this year, but the new single is almost as good. Why no free download? Well, half of all sales of this single will be donated to which “Through leadership training at home and community development projects abroad, Free The Children empowers youth everywhere to make a difference.” So give Bob Cratchett some coal, Scrooge.

Last but not least, how about a full Xmas record from the good people at Old Ugly Records. To quote Doug Hoyer, a man that played on several of said songs, “We actually put a stupid amount of time into this, considering that people will only listen to it once or twice a year, haha.”

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