Pro-Tip:: Get Yourself on the Hill in 2011 - Vol. 1

Hello friends, old and (hopefully) new. Welcome to our little crawlspace of a Canadian Music Blog in 2011. As you may or may not know, we’ve been at this thing as a music-specific site for probably 6 or 7 years now. Why do we keep going? Well it’s like any other hobby that becomes an obsession - building model ships in bottles, those stupid farming games on Facebook, buying Transformers on eBay, or golf - you know you’re spending way too much time on something other might deem ridiculous, but you don’t know how to quit it. So while we’ve debated giving it all up, we’ll likely be doing this shiz for another year.


That being the case, I thought I’d do you and us a bit of a solid by attempting to put together a few pro-tips for those of you who might like to get your music posted on the hill this year. So that’s what we’ll be doing: posting a new tip each day this week. But before we begin, please don’t get it twisted, we’re not trying to come of as the high & mighty of music blogging in this country, just literally trying to put this out there to help folks. Being honest though, we like where we are right now and we (and some others it seems) feel like we provide one of the best outlets for Canadian bands to get heard. And yes, I’m sure there are ton of other posts like this out there in the ether, and so these are hill-specific tips from our most common bugaboo’s (word to Ed O.G.), but I don’t see why many of them wouldn’t apply to other sites in general.


Right then, on to the tips!


1. Be Canadian.
No, we’re actually serious about that. We’ve found our niche covering Canadian music and it’s very rare that we stray outside of it. And to be honest, in the 5% or so of non-Canadian posts we do, a lot of them aren’t due to any submission we receive, just things we come across that we like. So, to our non-Canadian friends, feel free to send us your music (and by all means, if you have the loose-est of connections to Canada, please do include it in your message, for a trifecta of reasons: A) it shows you aren’t a PR spambot B) we just enjoy reading those C) we realize everyone has to take a crack somewhere, because despite what what any blog or musical web outlet might give as their criteria for submissions, if you’re going to get anywhere, you have to be a musical Lloyd Christmas. Obviously, a lot of other sites don’t have this same geographical bias, but trust me, it’s always a good idea to start contacting sites in your own backyard first, and then gradually work your way outward as you start gaining some momentum.


Tune in tomorrow for tip no. 2 and we’ll compile the full list for a weekend posting.


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MP3:: Classified - Oh…Canada

VIDEO:: South Park The Movie - Blame Canada



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dp January 19th, 2011 at 12:30 am

just don’t ever show a clip from the closing ceremonies of the vancouver 2010 olympics … and we’re cool … that ridiculed canadiana

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