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The world of music blogging seems to be unraveling in front of us, and honestly, with good reason. “Me first” has overtaken the passion that drove the creation of most blogs years ago and in their wake are an endless stream of people posting illegal or abundant MP3s hoping lay claim to the foresight that spawned yet another buzz band. Sadly, the appreciation of new songs - and more important to me, the hunt for new music whether the song is eight minutes or eight decades old - seems close to death, rushed off to a home as to remain out of sight and out of mind.


I’m old enough to remember watching TV to get new sounds and knowing that music writers knew their collective “shit.” I’m just old enough to pine for the days of buying tapes and reading the liner notes for “thank yous” and shout outs, knowing it would lead to my next purchase. I know that might not seem any different than looking at myspace or facebook and clicking a mouse, but it certainly made the experience more tangible and slowed things down.


And when you slow things down, you start to appreciate the quiet, assuming calm Ray Cammaert has delivered under the moniker Pink Moth. Unfortunately for Ray in this day in age, his palette and brushstrokes are as easy to ignore as they are difficult to discard once you sit down and just listen. Already with five releases in his catalog (in a mere sixteen months), the band thrives on constant evolution of sound and players but every release meets it’s creative goals.


Admittedly, beautiful numbers like “I Can See Your Bones” and the off-kilter spoken word “November 18″ show that Ray still pens touching, slow moving cinematic sweeps, but this time around his quirky, folk pop foundation has grown into a more boombastic, damn near Newman approved New Porns style singalong. The harmonies, whistling and infectious chorus of “Lines” are undeniable and kick start the Projections EP with just enough power and panache. Elegant is a word thrown around liberally these days, but certainly seems fitting. It seems less and likely that music will actually change the world as promised and more likely that we’ll read about the revolution in a poorly typed 140 character burst, but so be it. The simple reward of exhaling and embracing a good song is enough for now.

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MP3:: Pink Moth - Lines
WEB:: http://pinkmoth.bandcamp.com




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3 Responses to “Quick Hitters:: Pink Moth Projections”

zach January 27th, 2011 at 3:14 am

I have a lot of fond memories of driving home from the city with a new cd, in a car with only a cassette deck, and analyzing those liner notes as if I could hear the songs if I read every word. Some of us will never leave the tangible elements behind.

I appreciate the thought and care put into this blog, it matters a lot to me.

Keep up the lovely work fellas!

PS Groovy song Pink Moth (Lines).

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