Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers

Larger Then Life is a new 8 song EP from Toronto (via Saskatoon) MC Muneshine (aka Rob Bakker) that features production from Dutch producers Vinyl Frontiers. It’s also damn good and likely the best Canadian hip hop release so far this year.


I’ve definitely been a fan of Muneshine’s work over the last few years, but I think that’s been more in the guise of a producer (excellent timing by me, D-Sisive released Jonestown 2 today, which is entirely produced by Mune), or his collaborative work with other MC’s, like Twin Peaks, his team-up with Ghettosocks. It seems somewhat ironic then that it’s on this project, another collaborative effort, where his talent as an MC really comes to the fore. I mean, right from the first verse of the first track, Freeze, which finds Mune evaluating his life now that he’s reached 30, his lyrics and wordplay had my attention.


I’m not going to short-change the Vinyl Frontiers production either though, as it’s consistently awesome across the whole EP - plenty of analog warmth, thumping drums, strings, horns (if you know my history, you know I say the more horns the better), it’s throwback production of the best kind. It seems cliche to say, but it sounds as if Mune was inspired by the production, as he’s outstanding on every track. Even on the substance abuse ode “Get So High”, which features a typically excellent D-Sisive guest verse, I think Mune’s remorseful, morning after a bender story takes the cake for me. Considering that he back-to-backs that track with a soulful, old school love jam (“Be The One”) and the sequence flows seamlessly, you have to be impressed. Plus the title track is a posse cut with hill faves Ghettosocks, Timbuktu & TO ace Rich Kidd, so you really cannot lose.


I’ve yet to mention this, but this EP is available gratis from Muneshine’s Bandcamp site, so with a glowing recommendation and the free.99 price tag, if you don’t grab this record and play it frequently, I’ll have to wonder exactly what your damage is. So go get it, and we can all await more music in many forms from the man known as Muneshine.

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MP3:: Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers - Freeze