Best-of ’11:: Frederick Squire & Katherine Maki Calling it Quits

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Easily the most complex emotion and most prolific muse for song writers, love as a concept is given too much credit for songs that transport us to a better place and dealt too much blame when we find ourselves alone and needing to take solace in the pain of others. What’s all too often ignored is how actual love affects the song writer.


For newly engaged Katherine Maki and Frederick Squire, finding love doesn’t change the subject matter they both prefer to write about. Their new 7″, Calling It Quits, is just two songs, but each hits with the emotional weight of a sledgehammer. Broken hearts, drinking to forget, regret, nostalgic embellishment and selective memory; Katherine and Frederick don’t pull punches and certainly don’t sing about love like it’s a Disney Fairytale, even if they’ve found happiness. You feel Frederick’s pain when he sings about seeing his lover with another man and the downward spiral into which he falls. You can almost picture Katherine grasping those letters she never sent, knowing there will never be a cinematic second chance.


Without question, love dramatically impacts the end results. On other records it’s hear the happiness that burns in newly lit flames; just look at the collaboration between Jenn Grant and Daniel Ledwell earlier this year. Upbeat and light, that record forces you into a better head space, but what is lost is the success of the record isn’t the melodies or subject matter but the understanding the two artists share. The same is true on Calling It Quits. Squire and Maki write songs that play to each others strengths. These are morose country gems, simply constructed with gentle strums. These are harmonies practiced to perfection as dishes are cleaned in the kitchen. This is two people singing about losing true love, now knowing the gravity of the situation. When they sing, “we talk about forever and how forever feels so long when you’re alone”, it’s heartbreaking and alienating, but sung coyly as the duo is finally thinking of the endless possibly of forever instead of dreading the unnumbered days.


The duo brings their talents to The Company House on June 18th. They will be supporting the 7″ and their own solo records that will both be released in May.

Frederick Squire & Katherine Maki - Calling It Quits by Pigeon-Row
VIDEO:: Frederick Squire & Katherine Maki Crazy Tropical Survival Guide



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