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It’s no secret we’ve been fans of Edmonton rawkers, Falklands. For the last two years, the band has been delivering targeted strikes of goodness before retreating into the darkness to plan a new attack strategy.


These successful quick blasts of power leave the ground shaking, but no effort has followed the same formula. Not surprisingly, Falklands definition continues to evolve with the release their latest four song EP, Slumber Party. Trapped by the never ending Edmonton winter, the long nights and cold days affected the band. They still have that melodic Ted Leo inspired punch (“Wade’s Nightmare” and “Blackout Cold” do their best to melt the permafrost), but “Ashes & I” and “Carried Away” are more droning affairs that make this EP a snap shot in time, one that will be put to rest when the thaw changes the color palette and temperatures.


In an area where an Endless Summer is a fantasy, it makes more sense to hear long drawn out guitar runs overshadow the hints of summer the band normally fuses into melodies. While the slow burners might struggle to keep you warm or transport you to the beach, they show another side of the Falklands, one that is real and makes you want another sweater, hat and scarf.

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MP3:: Falklands - Blackout Cold



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