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Pat Jordache - Future SongsLast year, I fell in love with Pat Jordache’s self-released bandcamp/tape release, Future Songs. The fractured sunshine-kissed melodies and Patrick’s rolling baritone fit the lo-fi aesthetic to a T, and the LP consumed me. I remember my excitement as I sunk into the mix of tribal beats, sensual croons, and shockingly pop melodies. Unable to wait until I could get home, I scribbled down some thoughts on the one piece of paper I had stuffed into my bag:

Pat uses a sensual baritone to pierce through beautifully constructed lo-fi noise collages and understated pop melodies, unconcerned by fixed structure or time limits. Pat’s minimal constructions use noise and rolling bass as the unsteady foundation, but it’s the tangents of shimmering guitar that pique your interest and his charisma that makes the songs so immediate.

It was only when Constellation decided to re-release the LP that I knew the heartaches and headaches it took to get the original version out to the public. Gregoire’s laptop was knicked and unfortunately, with it went his the resulting .wav files he had meticulously built over the previous two years. All that was left was a collection of MP3s ripped at 160 kbps - or in Gregoire’s own words, “a photocopy of a fucking sketch.”


I don’t want to rehash my original review. It was framed in a moment and while the songs are build from the same elements, they seem so different now. Better. Cleaner. Bigger. More adventurous. If the original version of Future Songs was an unpolished gemstone hidden from sight in the darkest cave, the remastered version is a sparkling treasure worthy of One-Eyed Willie’s attention. Each song is fully developed, and as the restricting compression releases its stranglehold, you finally hear every note as Patrick intended. Layers are unfolded with anticipation and excitement, as if Future Songs lives under the folds of the Fortune Teller you left tucked in your pocket until recess. Pick a number. Four. Pick a colour. Purple! You love…

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MP3:: Pat Jordache - Phantom Limb
Get It (I Know You’re Going To) by Constellation Records




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