Teenage Kicks - Rational Anthems


Oh I’m sorry, were you looking for some fancy blog-hype song and dance routine about why you should check out Toronto’s Teenage Kicks and their new EP Rational Anthems? Well you aren’t going to get it from me. I’ll try to put it as concisely as a certified rambler such as myself can: Teenage Kicks are a rock & roll band with indie sensibilities aplenty, and enough hooks to keep you coming back for more.


I stumbled across Teenage Kicks last year, and posted their debut 7″ as part of a Video Hits post. This left me eager to hear more material from the band, and Rational Anthems certainly doesn’t disappoint. “Brroklyn Bridge” starts things off on a somewhat understated note, but it’s not long before the amps are cranked, and the ferocity of the pounding drums is matched by frontman Peter Van Helvoort’s frequent, passionate wails. The middle of the EP is filled with radio-ready, yet pretense-free sing-along rockers like “Hearts of Darkness” and “Lose Your Head”, before the EP closes with the raucous, guitar-goodness of “The River”.


Ok, so sue me, I managed to fit some blog-hype type stuff into this post after all, but I like the jams that Teenage Kicks are, you know, kicking out. Ugh, sorry about that, let’s just wrap this up now with you checking out the excellent Heart of Darkness below and then going to get your mitts on Rational Anthems for the low price of merely a Facebook like or a tweet. Done deal.


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MP3:: Teenage Kicks - Hearts of Darkness
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