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It’s no secret that we at the hill are big fans of The Wheat Pool. Not only did we ask them to play our NXNE showcase last year, but when they hit full stride on “Nervous Bird”, it was the type of moment that makes me keep writing and keep listening. Hauntario has aged like a fine wine, and two years later I still end up picking it out of the stack every time I start the car and immediately pine for new material.


Hymns, the debut solo LP from The Wheat Pool’s Mike Angus, is more than a stop-gap collection of sketches and thoughts; it’s sustenance. It’s the slow burn that keeps Mike’s creative fire lit through the night. It’s quiet reflection and personal journeys, but it’s never selfish or indulgent. It’s giving and open. It’s built on tradition, but questions faith.


The first single, “Swallow it Whole”, is as inspired as I’ve heard Mike sound. Leveraging melody and ambition, but ignoring the apathy and laziness that plagues the suburban sprawl, Angus encapsulates the freedom of possibility in a just two-minutes. He doesn’t need endless layers or booming crescendos. It’s a nostalgic look back for Mike, but for those living through the ennui of adolescence, this is an anthem. It’s a call to action. This is your time, don’t waste it.


Hymns is out July 19th on Shameless Records.

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MP3:: Mike Angus - Swallow It Whole



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