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Three Sheet - Sheet MusicI know I must say this often, because I’m even getting tired of hearing/writing it but “live band hip hop” is a tricky thing to pull off. One of the main reasons for this is that I think some outfits have trouble capturing the sound & energy of their live shows in a recorded format. This was the daunting task facing much-loved Halifax group Three Sheet when making their latest album, Sheet Music.


So did they pull it off? For the most part, I’d say they did, but Three Sheet has a couple wrinkles to their sound that pose a couple challenges - they have no drums, percussion or DJ in their setup - all of that is provided by beatboxer EMC (who also contributes some verses too I believe), and they have dual vocalists: MC Expedyte and singer Vanessa Furlong. Add live guitar and bass, and there’s a lot going on. For the most part, I dig the combination, but there are times when things get a little crowded. This is more pronounced because there are so many thoughtful, pensive, songs, like Three Dollar Bills, where Expedyte’s lyrics could use some space and the beatbox/vocal scratch is a bit distracting for me.


That said, I cannot front on the creativity and passion the quintet display on Sheet Music, and they pull off most of the songs with aplomb. Songs like “You”, “Norm Now”, “Stand Still” and “For What It’s Worth” show what the group can do when they hit their stride, with the two guitarists laying down the backbone and the three vocalists weaving in and out and working off of each other with ease. If you’re a hip hop enthusiast, you have to feel good when you see a group like this take the medium in a new direction, but still keep it true to the essence. I’ll be interested to see what direction Three Sheet takes their sound next.

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MP3:: Three Sheet - Stamina
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