FIle Under Awesome:: Bloodstains Across Ontario 7″

Many moons ago, the good people at Fat Wreck Chords put out a 101-song comp that was an embarrassment of riches. Somehow they managed to consolidate every relevant pop punk act into a single serving. The caveat, each song was only one-minute long. Amazing artists like Bad Religion, The Queers, Good Riddance and Dillinger 4 crushed it (although my favorite was the poppy bliss of “Ketchup Soup” courtesy of The Teen Idols) and somehow those 60-seconds snapshots felt complete.


Continuing the tradition of documenting snippets on inspiration, the good people of Mammoth Cave Recordings are about to release Volume 3 of their Bloodstains Across Ontario series.


The idea is simple; “pack as many bands doing 1-minute songs as possible on a 7″.” With big names like White Wires (the band, along with Halifax’s Tongan Death Grip, that rekindled my love of propulsive, pop punk), Fucked Up side project, Young Governor and rockabilly, electropunker Slim Twig, this would be a must-have for any music fan no questions asked. But the real showstopper is a new song from long defunct, but critically acclaimed instrumentalists Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Since Reid’s untimely death in 2001 and the band’s resulting breakup, even sixty seconds of new music is an unexpected treasure.


Extremely limited edition - Mammoth has 300 copies and German wunderlabel P Trash selling an additional 100 - this 7″ will be gone before you blink. So, don’t sleep and pre-order now.




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