File Under Awesome:: Cousins Secret Weapon/Speech 7″

Simple transference dictates that if we love Noyes records and we absolutely adore Cousins, we should love any chemical reaction involving the two entities. Last week, the new Cousins 7″ hit the streets as part of the Noyes 7″ series and after Dog Day crushed the first installment, the bar was set high for Cousins.


Thankfully, like Baby, you can’t put Aaron Mangle in a corner. Remarkably straightforward, “Secret Weapon” marches with a defiant swagger. Aaron builds tension but refuses to give into the temptation of release. Even when he wants to explode and primal screams escape, you feel the restraint as he regains control. If side A is about command, “Speech”, is about animalism. Mangle explodes with heavier, chugged strums, an infectious bass line and impassioned howls. From the opening chord to the truncated fade, the song smokes. It’s also the best song he’s recorded to date. Grab this before it’s gone.

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MP3:: Cousins - Speech



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[...] It’s no secret that we love the Aaron Mangle-helmed outfit Cousins here at the hill, but I’m pretty sure we’re not alone in this - pretty much anyone who has heard them seems to feel the same way. Well, if you’re attending HPX, you’ll have 2 chances to join the Cousins fan-fam by checking them out as they play right before Thee Oh Sees at Reflections on Wednesday, Oct. 19th or on Saturday (Oct. 22nd) during the CKDU brunch at Gus’. [...]

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