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Summer finally hit Nova Scotia. Temperatures shot up and the smell of grilled meat filled the air as it wafted across rooftops. It’s obvious, but lazy afternoons and evenings spent on back decks need a soundtrack as tear in your beer confessions take their place alongside the bottles of red in the cellar. Enter Halifax’s Southern Shores.


The duo have just released Atlantic, an understated EP of washed out 90′s electronica fused with strong vocal samples that roll over each other like an endless wave of blissful tones. The programming and drum beats certainly keep the 23-minutes moving (especially the higher BPM used on the strong closer, “Meridian”), but something about the songs feels more human and alive than most inorganic compositions. Whether it’s a warm voice or steel drums, you can feel the soul of these songs, not just nod of the electric heartbeat.


More mushrooms on the beach than pills in a club, Atlantic is about the immediate release Ben and Jamie deliver. Oh, and the Cathy Dennis rework.

Southern Shores - 04 Night Is Young by CASCINE
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