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Do you think Toronto band SPORTS actually enjoy sports, the throwy/kicky/runny kinds? If I had to guess I’d say likely not, but it doesn’t matter. I’m a fan of both sports and SPORTS, so even though we posted a song from their full-length debut in May, I’d been meaning to get a post up on the record for a couple months now.


Well after being through this rather tightly packed record a few times now, I’m finally getting the post up, and it seems things have changed since SPORTS first appeared on the hill in 2008. That EP was more of an sunny, experimental affair, but this time out the band has shuffled the deck member-wise (still comprised of members from various TO groups: Meligrove Band, Polmo Polpo, and The Diableros) and come up with a sound that retains a tasty pop song centre in the form of hooks aplenty, the sound here is much fuzzier and riffier, taking cues from the heavier indie rock sounds from the last couple decades.


Perhaps the instrumentation on the album took it’s cue from the song writing, which seems a bit darker this time out - even tunes that have a more upbeat sound, like Slacking Scholar, This Tree or Zeus’ Thundersword, seem to have a pessimistic outlook. That’s fine by me though, as the songs all work and seem to capture 20-something angst rather nicely, while at the same time being catchy enough to inspire plenty of bopping/singing along. It’s a very solid record that zips along at a brisk pace, so regardless of whether you enjoy sports or not, I’d suggest you check out the latest offering from SPORTS.


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MP3:: SPORTS - Slacking Scholar
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