Friday Fun:: A Song From Every HPX ’11 Band!

Well, not in this post, are you insane? So sorry if that title got your hopes up, but STAY TUNED. For some reason, now that the full lineup has been released, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to post a song from every act playing our fine, fog-filled City’s premier music festivus.


Obviously this is going to be a lot of songs! I am slow at the writing of posts at the best of times, so most of these songs will show up as “mini-posts” in the side bar, but hopefully I’ll have a few of them posted every day and we’ll actually make it through the list (check the full list in traditional huge text blob format below). They’ll be done in semi-alphabetic order, so check the hill daily over the next month and if you think we’ve missed someone, let us know!


So who’s leading off you ask? Well it’s Vancouver’s Acres Of Lions, of course. I know nothing about them, but their bio on the HPX site mentions that they have been called “the west coast’s answer to Sloan”. That is very appropriate! Here’s one from their last album, Working, which indicates they have nice, sing-a-longable, rock & roll kind of sound that should be well received when they play the Elephant and Castle Underground stage on Thursday, October 20th.


Acres Of Lions - Best Day Ever by Acres Of Lions


So there you have it, and as Rodney O, Joe Cooley & General Jeff would say, 1 DOWN, 3 MO’ TO GO….or like 150 MO’ TO GO! Below you’ll find the list we’re working from - should be eazy-peezy, right? Oh, and stop lollygagging, get your HPX tickets now!


Acres Of Lions, Adam and the Amethysts, Ambition, Amanita Bloom, Animal Faces, Rich Aucoin & Friends, Audrey and the Agents, Bonjay, Braids, Bruce Peninsula, The Balconies, Banded Stilts, The Black Shades, the Blackrats, The Beat Poets, The Belle Comedians, Bend The River, Bike Rodeo, Bloodhouse, Megan Bonnell, Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble), Les Breastfeeders, Bugs in the Dark, Chixdiggit, Jennifer Castle, Amelia Curran (w/ Symphony NS), Kim Churchill, Cold Warps, Charlotte Cornfield, COUSINS, DD/MM/YYYY, Demon’s Claws, Dog Day, Dance Movie, The Darcys, Piper Davis, Deadhorse, The Deadly Hearts, Death Valley Driver, Dezza, Dream Friends, DUZHEKNEW, English Words, Envision, Fucked Up, Find The Others, FREEDOM OR DEATH, Giant Hand, Gigas, The Graboids, Greys, Hand Cream, Hind Legs, Hip Club Groove, Honheehonhee, Isak, Jeremy Glenn, Glory Glory, Gloryhound, JEFF the Brotherhood, The Juan Maclean, Jenocide, Skip Jensen, Jesuslesfilles, Les Jupes, Mo Kenney, Kidstreet, Kuato, Kou Chou Ching, Kuato, Lake Names, The Last Felony, Gianna Lauren, Daniel Ledwell, Cailean Lewis, Library Voices, Long Weekends, Dan Mangan, The Meligrove Band, Miracle Fortress, Murder By Death, Ivy Mairi, Jon Mckiel, The Motorleague, More Or Les, No Joy, No Flyers Please, The Nuclear, Ohbijou, One Hundred Dollars, Obsydian, Old And Weird, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Olympic Symphonium, Orchid’s Curse, OUTTACONTROLLER, PS I Love You, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Plants and Animals, The Paint Movement, Paper Beat Scissors, PAPERMAPS, Gabrielle Papillon, pepper rabbit, The Provincial Archive, Punk Rock Karaoke, Quaker Parents, Quivers, The Rural Alberta Advantage, RatTail, Repartee, Reversing Falls, Ria Mae, Rituals, JF Robitaille, Rome Romeo, Scratch Bastid (headlining the Red Bull Thre3style 2011), Shotgun Jimmie, Stars, Suuns, Sandman Viper Command, Sex With Strangers, The Shakedown Combo, Sheer Agony, The Skeletones Four, Snailhouse, Something Good, Southern Shores, SPOOKEY RUBEN, The Spring Standards, The Standstills, Carleton Stone, Thee Oh Sees, The Thermals, Timber Timbre, Titus Andronicus, Trouble Andrew, Twin Shadow, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, These Electric Lives, Molly Thomason, Tiny Danza, Tongan Death Grip, Carmen Townsend, The Trouble Shooters, UNEXPECT, Chad VanGaalen, VKNGS, We Were Lovers, The Weather Station, The Weekend Dads, We’re Doomed, The Wheat Pool, Whiskey Bent and Hellbound, Wildlife, and Graham Wright & the Good Times Band.



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