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We spent the weekend preparing for Irene’s worst - which was thankfully just some light rain and tropical winds - and this morning the sky is robin’s egg blue without a cloud in sight.


The waves are breaking at Queensland and the water is already filled with people. It’s the type of day we rarely get here on the East Coast and one that used to fuel endless sick calls to work. That tangible nostalgia is probably why Guelph’s Modern Field Recordings new video, “Seeds Planted”, is the perfect pairing.


The band, a three-piece specializing in dreamy folk nuggets with an almost Cat Stevens hippie/apocalyptic vocal sound and surprisingly complex bass lines, is set to release their new LP in October and the first single is everything a summer jam should be. For me, summer was never about epic parties and life changing road trips. It was about bullshitting, wasting time with your best friends talking about things you never ended up doing. It was about driving to the beach with the windows down. The video for “Seeds Planted” is nothing more than a collection of lazy moments; skateboarding and biking, sitting outside strumming an acoustic, but it matches the friendly drum kick, acoustic and plucked bass fittingly.


Seeds Planted perfectly encapsulates those days when you felt like you could do anything, but didn’t have to do a thing. Unlimited potential without any real accountability. It seems so long ago that was each and every day. I haven’t heard the full record, so I can’t tell you how We Got Ur Back will sound, but this three-minute subdued groove is an exercise in freedom, one that hooked its talons into my flesh.

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MP3:: Modern Field Recordings - Seeds Planted
WEB:: https://www.facebook.com/modernfieldrecordings



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