HPX ’11:: Skratch Bastid

Skratch Bastid & Sneaker Freaker present The Starter Era - Dope Raps 1989-1993

So far I’ve tried to highlight a few of the HPX ’11 events that will satisfy those with a hip hop jones in their bones, but I’ve neglected to mention one particular evening dedicated to one of the 4 (traditionally, but now 5!) elements of hip hop: DJing. Thursday, October 20th you can hit the New Palace for the Red Bull Thr3Style DJ competition which will feature many of our city’s finest DJs (and FYI, per-capita, we likely produce more excellent DJs than anywhere in Canada, nay, North America - that’s just a fact, you can look it up) doing their thing in Thr3Style format. Doing their thing in this case means the night will feature “eight of the best local DJs throwing down their best party sets. The challenge: each DJ needs to deliver 15 minutes of sonic infamy that incorporates a minimum of three genres of music.” Sounds good to me, and to cap it off, there will be a special performance by one of the best DJ’s Halifax ever produced: Skratch Bastid.


Coincidently, the Bastid just released a new mix last night: Skratch Bastid & Sneaker Freaker present: The Starter Era – Dope Raps 1989-1993, which was done in conjunction with Sneaker Freaker mag’s look at how Starter sports gear impacted hip hop culture back in the day. And believe me, in that 89-93 time frame, Starter was the shiz - even kids in Halifax got ganked for their Starter jackets, and I wanted a Starter winter pullover jacket so bad I wore the only one my parents could find: a 49ers one, despite the fact that I was already a die hard Saints fan by then and hated their then upper crust division-mates. But the Bastid’s mix pays fine tribute to that era (he finds room for Jody Watley’s New Love, which I approve of, and it end with Tears from Da King & I, a jam I loved and was stoked to hear again) as only he can and it’ll give you a small taste of what to expect when you see him live.


Skratch Bastid & Sneaker Freaker present The Starter Era - Dope Raps 1989-1993 by Skratch Bastid


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MP3:: Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown & Hudson Mohawke - Look At Hudson Mohawke Now (Skratch Bastid’s Thunder Bay Blend)
WEB:: www.skratchbastid.com



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Herohill » Blog Archive October 27th, 2011 at 9:53 pm

[...] Can you have too much Jody Watley? Of course you can’t, and Skratch Bastid knows this, so he came up with this ingenious Jody Wately/KMD blend for his last mixtape. [...]

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