Quick Hitters:: URBNET Underground Hip-Hop Vol. 7

URBNET Underground Hip-Hop Vol. 7


Urbnet is a label I’ve always had a lot of time for. This is due to the fact they’ve always tried to fight the good fight as far as hip hop and progressive electronic/urban type music is concerned. As an example, earlier this year I posted on Emay and mentioned that I thought he was doing some of the most original hip hop I’d heard coming out of Canada. Well, check the tracklisting for URBNET’s 7th annual edition of their hip hop compilation and you’ll see Emay on there - a small example perhaps, but it heartens me to see that Daryl and the folks at URBNET actually do have their ear to the Canadian underground.


As I said, that is but one example, as there are tons of hill-approved artists on this compilation. Sweatshop Union, D-Sisive, DJ Cosm, Timbuktu, Pigeon Hole, Moka Only, Len Bowen, Circle Research and Canadian Winter have all been featured enthusiastically on the hill over the last year of so, and so I think it goes without saying that we wholeheartedly endorse this compilation. And it seems to me that right now, a time when a be-sweatered, lemon-lime soda peddler is once again receieving pretty much all of the attention that there is for Canadian hip hop, would be great time to get these talented folks some shine.


So buy this album. Buy albums from some of the artists featured on it. Tell your friends about it. There really is good, interesting hip hop coming out of Canada, let’s help people discover it.


URBNET - Underground Hip-Hop Volume 7 (compilation sampler)
URBNET - Underground Hip-Hop Volume 7 (compilation sampler) by urbnet

D-Sisive - No More Words
D-Sisive - No More Words by urbnet

Len Bowen - Late Night (feat. B-Flat)
Len Bowen - Late Night (feat. B-Flat) by urbnet



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