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Writers' Strike

Hopefully you read the Ack’s post on Ox’s new record Tuco, not least because it’s a great record, but also because the Ack’s intro was a great bit of self-affirmation regarding the aims of this here site. The second big point he mentioned, “championing a band” struck a chord with me, because it’s something I haven’t been doing much of lately. This is mainly due to my work busy-ness over the last couple months, but also because as the site’s “rap guy”, I just don’t cover a ton of bands in depth.


That said, I do have my favorites, and when I latch onto a band I try and get a post up whenever they put out new music. One such favorite is Halifax’s Writers’ Strike, once known as The First Aid Kit, which made it a little bit difficult to champion them seeing as how most Googling of that name returned results for some Swedish sisters people seem to enjoy. But no matter, it’s all about Writers’ Strike now as they plan to release a new 3-song EP next week to show off the fruits of their musical labours over the past year - hopefully in anticipation of a full length release next year perhaps.


So if you aren’t familiar with Writers’ Strike, Stay Down will be the perfect intro for you, and if you were familiar with them in their First Aid Kit guise, I can tell you that they’ve never sounded better. This five-piece plays a high energy brand of indie-pop, full of catchy choruses mostly delivered with enthusiastic full-band harmonies, and so they are really rather easy to like in the first place. But they spent time working on their craft at Halifax’s Sonic Temple studio, and the results are on display on this brief EP. While still adventurous, it seems they might have dialed back the musical raucousness on some tracks to let the harmonies and the songwriting lead the way - you’d likely be hard pressed to find a song that better captures how most 20-something University graduates are feeling right now than the EP’s title track.


Whatever they’re doing, it’s working, as the afore-mentioned Stay Down is currently my favorite song with the revamped take on New York City (which was featured on the group’s previous EP) and the mellower Splitting Images not far behind. So help me out in my band-championing endeavours and check out Writers’ Strike ASAP.


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MP3:: Writers’ Strike - Stay Down
Web:: writersstrike.bandcamp.com



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