I know, I know. Lists are annoying and trying to assign rankings and value to art is subjective at best. That’s why these records - 25 from releases that really made an impact on me in ’11 - aren’t branded with any type of distinction other than “favorite.” These are records, not songs, that warmed my heart, eased my pain, inspired my creativity or simply helped tap my toe or nod my head. They never asked for anything more than a listen, and I was more than happy to oblige.


That being said, there were some monster records this year that blew up and deserve attention, and a few that hovered just behind the list I came up with. In a perfect world, Dan Mangan, Fucked Up (god, that record is a beast), Dirty Beaches and Slow Down, Molasses would all be included here, and certainly are worth your time.


But, this is my list and 25 was the number I decided to include.


Artist:: Writer’s Strike
Title:: Stay Down
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.myspace.com/writersstrike


Artist:: The Elwins
Title:: Stuck in the Middle
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: https://www.facebook.com/TheElwins


Artist:: Honheehonhee
Title:: Shouts
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.honheehonhee.com/


Artist:: Camp Radio
Title:: Campista Socialista
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.campradio.org/


Artist:: Rich Aucoin
Title:: We’re All Dying To Live
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.richaucoin.com


Artist:: Each Other
Title:: Taking Trips
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://eachotherssongs.bandcamp.com/


Artist:: Louise Burns
Title:: Mellow Drama
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://louiseburnsmusic.com/


Artist:: Pat Jordache
Title:: Future Songs
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://cstrecords.com/patjordache/


Artist:: Apollo Ghosts
Title:: Money Has No Heart
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://apolloghosts.bandcamp.com/


Artist:: Southern Shores
Title:: Atlantic
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://southernshoresmusic.wordpress.com/


Artist:: Kris Ellestad
Title:: No Man is Land
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://krisellestad.bandcamp.com/


Artist:: Deep Dark Woods
Title:: The Place I Left Behind
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://thedeepdarkwoods.com/


Artist:: The Extremities
Title:: The Mint Condition
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://get.extremitiesmusic.com/


Artist:: Jenn Grant
Title:: Honeymoon Punch
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.jenngrantmusic.com


Artist:: Drawn Ship
Title:: Low Domestic
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.drawnship.ca


Artist:: Snailhouse
Title:: Sentimental Gentleman
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.snailhouse.com


Artist:: Deloro
Title:: Deloro
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.myspace.com/delorodeloro


Artist:: Shotgun Jimmie
Title:: Transistor Sister
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://shotgunjimmie.net/


Artist:: The Hidden Words
Title:: The Hidden Words Free Thyself from the Fetters of this World
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: The Hidden Words Words - fb


Artist:: Henry Svec & Friends
Title:: Folk Songs of Canada Now
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.folksongsofcanadanow.com/songs.html


Artist:: Adam & the Amethysts
Title:: Flickering Flashlight
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://adamandtheamethysts.com/


Artist:: Bry Webb
Title:: Provider
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.harbourcoats.ca/


Artist:: Sandro Perri
Title:: Impossible Spaces
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://cstrecords.com/cst085/


Artist:: Ox
Title:: tUCo
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://oxmusic.ws


Artist:: Mark Davis
Title:: Eliminate the Toxins
:: Download MP3 ::
Website:: http://www.markdavismusic.ca/