Chocolate Robots - P i Z z A f A c E


So another year is rapidly coming to a close, and once again the Ack and I find ourselves asking the same old question: “why won’t Justin Bieber ever reply to any of our many, many emails?”. I’m kidding there of course, we don’t like Justin Bieber (WE LOVE HIM). But really, the question we’ve faced, in regards to the hill, whilst pantslessly greeting each of the last few years, is simply “why are we still doing this shit?”. We’re roughly 77 years old in music blogger terms, and, speaking for myself at least, the ridiculousness of running a music blog in 2011 finds me stifling copious amounts of snarky tweets on a daily basis.


So why, then, do we continue to do it? Routine, perhaps. Compulsion? Certainly. But I think the thrill of new muscial discovery is the kind of drug that would satiate even the voracious musical opiate addiction of one Huey Lewis. It’s the joy I still find in getting an email from a band called Chocolate Robots of Sarnia, Ontario, and being compelled to have a listen regardless of how concernicus their name and intro blurb makes me. I mean, I read the following and I love it, and I want it to be true and I want to love the record:


We’re Mike Giresi, Mutt Giresi, and Marco Giresi. We all work at our parent’s pizza shop and play in our band Chocolate Robots. Our record PIZZA FACE just came out!

The album was recorded in Sarnia, Ontario mainly by us, using a bunch of old tube and tape equipment my dad had left over from being an Italian singer songwriter in the 70s.


Yes. All of that yes. And then I listen to Pizza Face and I love it. A quirky, energetic melange of classic indie rock, doo wop, handclaps and harmonies, Pizza Face put a smile on my face from the first notes and kept it there throughout its 10 songs. And, although originally recorded in the awesome manner described above, it seems the Giresi boys managed to get the record mixed by a couple guys who have worked with the likes of Devandra Banhart and Arcade Fire, so it sounds great.


So there you go, let Chocolate Robots, our latest un-expectedly great discovery be your your musical discovery for today. And hopefully we’ll keep getting inspired to bring you good music well into 2012.


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MP3:: Chocolate Robots - Young Love

Chocolate Robots - Young Love