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I don’t like contributing to the hyperbole and instantaneous nature of music blogging. I really don’t. We all get the same emails, the same promo packs and often opinion is determined by persistence and availability, not pure talent. For every pure artist, we are overrun with Odd Futures, Kreayshawns and Lana Del Rays. Flash in the pans that burn out faster than the back of the school shop students at your old High School.


Probably regrettable is the pressure new artists face when the blog world embraces their sound. For 23-year-old Al Spx - known musically as Cold Specks - the expectations she’s drawn before the release of her debut 7″ are almost insurmountable. That’s right… two songs. Arts & Crafts are about to release Holland, a fantastic 7″ that introduces the world to this young woman’s soulful, dark spirit, one that channels the sound of gospel, spiritual sing-alongs and pure emotion. These are songs sung because they need to be; revelation, repentance, forgiveness, not just love or broken hearts.


You might notice she’s slotted to open for St. Vincent, one of the most popular indie artists and a woman with a keen ear and even more impressive guitar chops, and wonder how? Well, a quick listen to the power and tenderness of “Holland” or the faithful recreation of the traditional “Old Stepstone” shows that Cold Specks is more than potential and promise. She’s here and now. Let’s just not ruin this precious gift.

Cold Specks - Holland by Arts & Crafts
WEB:: http://www.facebook.com/ColdSpecks




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