There’s probably an endless number of reasons an email from Carly Maicher might sit untouched in your inbox for weeks or you might miss her record on the shelves of your local record shop. The Manitoba based songwriter writes and performs subtle, spare folk songs under her own name and prefers to move amongst the crown unnoticed.


Understated. Open. These aren’t the descriptors that move units or get your name on iPod commercials.


What Carly has, that most buzz acts lack, is talent. With only the support of her guitar, some occasional banjo/lapsteel and harmonies, you focus on her arresting voice and affecting tribute to solitude. Hiding (her debut) is a surprising success, building slowly and surely as the record progresses. Most folkies run out of steam, especially on their first release, but the 39-minute run time feels even shorter than it is and you are left letting the songs repeat happily. Hiding sets a mood, and develops it completely.


In a few months, you will probably have forgotten about the bloggiest of buzz bands you love so much right now, but Maicher will be on the road, writing songs, winning over audiences and forging a career from that hard work. They say we always overlook what’s right in front of us, but hopefully Hiding makes you take notice.