There are a few easy ways to get me to pay attention to your band, including:

  • Feature Rose Melberg on vocals
  • Throw in heavy doses of the singing saw
  • Casually drop an Apollo Ghosts connection in your intro email
  • To be fair, Vancouver’s Bleating Heart isn’t defined by any of the items on said list, even if that’s what initially caused me to press play. The sprawling troop of horn players, guitarists, saw-ers (???) was formed after Hasan Li’s hash filled journey to Morocco, and instead of crisp riffs and joyous horns you’d expect to hear given today’s current indie rock climate, the self-titled debut is more focused on mood and atmosphere.

    Bleating Hearts is surprisingly dark, especially considering the songs were written on sunny rooftops under the influence of narcotics. Gentle strums of an electric and swirling horns cast an ominous shadow over the songs, but the band manages to power through with hand claps, harmonies and thumping percussion. Remarkably, every moment of sadness is balanced with a surging moment of impact (and honestly, “Walls Come Tumbling Down”, “Closer Further” , “T.V. Changed Our Lives” and the booming conclusion of “Call An Ambulance” could breath life into young Westley better than Billy Crystal ever could).

    Considering the pedigree, the success of this record is not shocking but the cohesion and restraint such a large group offers up on the first attempt is.

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    MP3:: Bleating Hearts - Walls Come Tumbling Down