I’ll be honest with you; trying to care about every single music trend in today’s internet driven world is fucking exhausting. Feigning interest in the new run of insta-matic pop, dub step underwater symphonies or date raping misogynists is a young man’s game. At the end of the day, I just want to hear records that sound great and try to connect with me, not push me away into an apathetic malaise.

I like roots music; I know this seems like an apology but it’s not and it’s unfortunate we’ve come to that. I like the grit, the heart, the pain and the drinking. I like hearing a bearded man pour out his heart with some well layered harmonies and twinkled ivories. I like melodies that make me swoon, and choruses that beg me to sing-along as we commiserate over broken hearts. I’ll take that type of song over any alienated, disassociated electronic current day, state of affairs type think piece.

And for my money, there’s no band in Canada doing this sound better than The Wooden Sky. Their new LP, Every child a daughter, every moon a sun. is built upon the tradition of roots music and without question Gavin tugs at your heartstrings, but this record explodes in your headphones because of the subtle but vital progressions made by the band.

It would be enough for The Wooden Sky to take the stage and hammer through tried and true misery, but Every child a daughter, every moon a sun is about exploration. Moments of doo-wap, soul, Cuban influence, noise and good ole fashioned radio rock n’ roll are fused into traditional melodies and the results are presented with a confident swagger. The evolution the band made on their last record was surprising, but the leap The Wooden Sky makes on Every child a daughter, every moon a sun. hints at a career that might eventually define the band as a National institution.

The Wooden Sky already has a rabid fan base that has stayed true to the band over their career, but now, they have written back-to-back, rock solid LPs and an EP that demand the attention of a much larger audience. You might be tricked into thinking The Wooden Sky sounds like every band out there, but that’s because they manage to sound like you wish you sounded and sing about what you want to sing about. The difference is, as they say, in the details. The harmonies and fiddle “Child of the Valley”, the patience and focus to build mood across thirteen songs; these are things that seem to come to The Wooden Sky naturally and escape so many other people hoping to hit the same notes.

Hips creak and time inevitably slows as it becomes more and more finite, and that’s when we all cherish moments of clarity over pursuing nights we forget. Every child a daughter, every moon a sun is a letter, a photograph, a moment that helps define who we are. If loving any of those things makes me old, it’s proof I’ve earned each wrinkle and hint of grey, and the discoloration of my photos and memories is from experience, not a free app I downloaded to my phone.

We have a nice treat for you on this Friday. Two tickets to see The Wooden Sky @ The Seahorse next Saturday with special guests, The Great Bloomers. It will be fun. We also have a copy of the record for the winner so enter now. Email us - herohill AT gmail DOT COM - or leave the details in the comment section below.

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