It’s no secret that I love the visceral country songs One Hundred Dollars delivers each and every time out. The band hits like a sledgehammer; sure any country purist will soak up the melodies, but Simone Schmidt refuses to settle for cheap cliches and tried and true imagery. Her pen cuts deep as she tells modern stories, framed by those traditional sounds. Make no mistake, this band has some f@cking chops, and the fact they appreciate the legacy of the genre but want to push it forward makes One Hundred Dollars the most exciting country band in Canada.

Songs of Man was Polaris Long Listed, and with good reason. One of the best songs from the record, “Ties that Bind”, moves with a reckless urgency. Life is short. We must keep moving forward. Devin Lund (a Toronto-based documentary filmmaker and photographer), embraces those simple themes and just nails it with this video. Chemically altered Super 8 footage was hand treated and pieced together to help Lund give fans the feel of what it’s like on the road with One Hundred Dollars. On first glance, the black and white shots of modern day Toronto and Hamilton look like they could have been lifted from a time capsule until you really pay attention. Basically, it’s a perfect representation of One Hundred Dollars sound. Enjoy.