It’s very rare that I pay attention to any project that adds the words “synth pop” to their bio, but over the last few years Guelph’s Green Go offered up some fantastic reworkings of the biggest names in the Canadian indie scene.

The EPs were stellar; imaginative and well thought out remixes that helped the band get an audience, and build enough excitement for the band to record two LPs. The fact they gained the reputation of a can’t miss live band didn’t hurt either. That is, as the kids say, indie cred and was more than enough motivation to listen to former Green Go decathlete, Mark Andrade’s new project, Paradise Animals.

On this song, Andrade’s baritone bobs along the waves of synth and programming, trying desperately (with futility) to signal danger for any onlooker. The infectious melody and backing vocals - courtesy of Allie Hughes - feel alive; they are the surf in which we splash without worry, or maybe the dance floor on which we flail awkwardly without worry, but Andrade vocals hint at stormy seas just over the next crest.

These programmed sounds could have sound tracked any of John Hughes’ melodrama, somehow using computers to remind us of the moments when our heart beat so strongly we thought it might explode.

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MP3:: Paradise Animals - Coastal Lines (ft. Allie Hughes)