Zachary Lucky sounds like man that had love break his heart and the road break his spirit. Words fall from his lips, heavy and heartfelt, and you wonder how a man so young became saddled with such weight.

Lucky’s anguish is the listener’s reward. “Back in the fall”, the first single from his new Saskatchewan EP, is built from straightforward strums, tasteful pedal steel and subtle banjo, but the sounds come together nicely to lift Zachary’s heavy heart. Thankfully, Lucky never comes off as a sad sack, woe is me coffee shop warrior. He’s confident (even with the sad subject matter), refusing to hide his vocals behind the beautiful arrangement.

The EP - which you can pre-order now - is supposed to be tribute to SK, and Lucky recruited seasoned players like Carly Maicher and DDWs Lucas Goetz to thicken up his sound and complete his vision. If “Back in the fall” is a hint at what he’s come up with, Saskatchewan is going to be full of soulful, beautiful melancholy. Not surprisingly, that makes me very, very happy.

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MP3:: Zachary Lucky - Back in the fall