Not quite as t-shirt worthy as “Free Weezy”, but for nomadic poet Mark Berube, years of hard work is starting to pay dividends. Berube toes the line between spoken word artist, world musician and indie rock icon with remarkable humility. He crosses borders and rides trains, soaking in the culture and experiences in foreign lands without losing site of his Canadian roots.

I’ve seen him bring a room of strangers to tears, open shows with an a cappella version of the South African anthem (which made my South African wife a fan for life) and seen him take a rag tag brass band down Main St. to close his show. I’ve heard him pour his heart and soul into his music for years, and although we’ve only met a few times, I’m proud to call Mark my friend. He’s the type of person that deserves to succeed, and unlike so many nice guys, he has the songs to warrant your praise.

Yesterday, Mark was on the cover of the The Hour. In a city of greatness and hyperbolic claims, Berube has grinded out a fan base and the respect of his new home. To celebrate, Mark’s giving away his last three records for free for one week, and downloading these collection of strings, piano, accordion and metered versus will be the best decision you make all day.

I’ve already reviewed each of these releases, but now that they are free I thought I’d re-up the reviews and link to some of the best songs Mark’s recorded. Honestly, these LPs make a lasting impression, one only surpassed by the graciousness of the song writer.

 What the River Gave the Boat - review
 MP3:: Mark Berube - Pretty Little Bird

 What the Boat Gave the River - review
 MP3:: Mark Berube - Yesterday’s Halo
 MP3:: Mark Berube - Flowers on the Stones

 June in Siberia - review
 MP3:: Mark Berube - Me My Lady