When we last heard from Derek Janzen, he was creating kick drum heavy anthems disguised as bedroom compositions. His billowy guitars and dime stores synths invited you in, but the programmed beats inspired marching and purpose.

I favorably compared his output to Cyrus’ monumental call to action (one of the few posts I’m proud to have penned after a second read), and he’s still trying to inspire a movement.

Unfortunately, Derek released his songs under the cryptic (and impossible to Google) moniker, First Nations. After realizing booking shows with a name that either conjures traditional Native American pride or unfortunate accusations of racism, Derek is rebranding himself as Wand.

His new record, Mt. St. Helen’s is set for release this Summer, but we wanted to make sure any fans could still find his music when release day comes around. The lead single, “Where Did All The Light Go Now?”, still uses a heavy bass line and Casiotones to offset Derek’s yelpy vocals (basically, everything that made First Nations so exciting has just been fine tuned and improved as Wand), but Derek adds a new wrinkle with a downshift on the chorus and some booming horns. Can you dig it?

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MP3:: Wand - Where Did All The Light Go Now?
WEB:: http://wand.bandcamp.com