If there’s a recent example of an album title that struck a chord with me the second I laid eyes on it, it has to be Pip Skid’s People Are The Worst. I’ve said this exact phrase a number of times, and the frequency of its usage seems to have increased in the last few years as I’ve gotten older & more cranky. But my cranky affection for a cranky album title isn’t likely to persuade anyone to listen to the record, and besides, I was actually a little relieved, after reading this article to hear that Pip still has plenty of faith in his fellow man.

So then, why should you check out People Are The Worst? Well how about because Pip Skid is downright legendary as far as Underground Canadian Hip Hop goes, and despite being the same ancient age that I happen to be, he still assaults the mic with a ferocity most 20 year old MCs couldn’t fathom. How about because Pip has recruited a number of his friends to help him out on this album, folks like Skratch Bastid, B-Flat of The Lytics, Cadence Weapon, Birdapres, Oldfolks Home and Nestor Wynrush - all of whom we’ve tried to heap some adulation on here on the hill at some point or another. If that’s not enough, the record is available for free via the good folks at Marathon of Dope.

It’s also a very good rap record. Don’t you like good rap records? I hope you do. But the songs here were written at various points over the last few years, and they were re-recorded and overseen with care by Oldfolks Home’s Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar. There’s production from folks like DJ Kutown, DJ Hunnicutt, Gordski & Aries, and it sounds great throughout its 10 songs. There’s a great variety of songs, each featuring Pip mashing the beat over the head with some kind of exploding vase. The Bastid-assisted “Turn It Up” is as raucous a party starting jam as you could ask for. The incredulous “Why Are You So Stupid” features a great Cadence Weapon verse and is the kind of song most MC’s couldn’t pull off, whereas Pip kills it. My favourite song just might be “Sit & Spin”, one of Pip’s most low-key efforts on the record which also features the criminally underrated Birdapres and Oldfolks Home.

Enough talk, you don’t want to be the worst do you? Just go get this record.

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