In an era of cynicism and snark, Lambke is shockingly honest and straight forward. He refuses to hide behind cliches, opting to forge a connection with the listener on equal footing. That clarity help Lambke deliver his metaphors with the impact of Thor’s hammer.

Sonically, Bone Soldiers is of the moment, but lyrically, these songs could be bound and pressed. Headphones could just as easily be replaced with licked thumbed page turns.

It’s too easy to hear the grit and the sinewy textures The Proud Mothers offer up and label this output as scrappy or raw, especially when Lambke willingly lets the band push to the forefront when required. It’s only on repeated listens and closer inspection you realize the words Lambke offers up deserve better, not unlike the characters he presents.

Lambke shuns the apathy and malaise that not only dominates the state of indie/folk rock, but also sinks all too many narratives. His metaphors on love and life are unique and inspired, but the band’s crisp and lively arrangements benefit from the open space to lift up the bone dry vocals.

It’s misleading to preface Steve Lambke with his past successes, considering (much like his former band mate), his best work was written after moving on alone. Bone Soldiers is poetic punk rock presented by a street corner prophet and now with the support of a fully developed and in sync band, those words are ready to be shared with the masses.

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MP3:: Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers - Bone Soldiers