There’s a loneliness that dominates Zachary Lucky‘s arrangements. Zachary’s latest EP, Saskatchewan, offers the contented sadness that develops on days where you are left with nothing to do except watch the odometer turn. Sure, these songs might be a love letter to the province he calls home, but there’s more at play here.

Lucky uses place names to tell stories of heartache, failure, fears and missed opportunities. Although his portrayals are not as detailed or poetic as John K. Samson’s tributes to the people of Winnipeg, the sentiment is the same. Lucky’s experiences formed his view, made him want to leave as much as it beckoned him home, and those complex, deep rooted relationships are on display on this EP.

The songs benefit from Carly Maicher’s warming backing vocals, tasteful strings and Lucas Goetz’s pedal steel, but really Saskatchewan is a vehicle for Zachary’s vocals and gentle picks. It’s not often you think of respect when you are listening to Canadian folk, but Lucky addresses his subjects and emotions with just that. He doesn’t dress them up or hide the truth. It’s raw and free. It’s all that he has, because these songs and the memories he presents truly define who he is.

Zachary is playing The Company House on April 11th. The lovely Carly Maicher will start the evening off and charm you accordingly.

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MP3:: Zachary Lucky - Back in the Fall