I honestly have no idea where I came across this album from T.O. duo The Antiheroes (although a quick search suggests it was likely via the hard working folks at The Come Up Show). Anyhoo, since I loaded it onto my phone a couple weeks ago, there’s been multiple instances of the shuffle firing up a song I enjoyed but didn’t recognize, only to check the deets and find out it’s the aforementioned Antiheroes - a combination of MC’s Flex and Sha Prince.

Simply put, This Is FreeDUMB is a really great album, and it’s a free download, so you should go snatch it up ASAP. In fact, this record strikes me as a fantastic example of how to reference classic true-school hip hop (Flex & Sha Prince do remind me at times of a 95′ era AZ and Jay-Z respectively), while still keeping things thoroughly modern. The beats are solid throughout, and while they aren’t the traditional, sample-based type, they all manage to knock without resorting to the cheese-tastic sounds that dominate radio rap these days. There’s also plenty of quality DJ work on the album, which always warms the cockles of my curmudgeonly heart, and when they use sung hooks it seems like a natural fit for the song.

Best of all, Flex & Sha Prince are both really skilled MC’s with flows that are easy on the ears, and, as you might guess from the album title, they’re attempting to write songs that mean something. There are the obligatory tracks aiming to take down fake MC’s, which they do with aplomb, but there are plenty aimed at some of the ills of modern society, like depression or the toll our obsession with celebrity culture. I guess what I’m saying here is that this album came out of the blue and made a huge impression on me, so I highly recommend giving it a listen for yourself.

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MP3:: The Antiheroes - This Is Freedumb
Web:: theantiheroes.bandcamp.com

The Antiheroes - Everyday (Featuring Daxflow)