Considering the album title and cover art, you might think Spaced Out is a paisley colored journey into the unexplored regions of your brain. In reality, the twenty-five minutes Ketamines offer up are more about fun than experimental fungus.

It’s easy to hear songs like “Midnight Dawn”, fall in love with the druggy reverb, barely decipherable vocals and ear pleasing sloppiness and assume this garage band is happy to ride the riffs until the inevitable come down. Shit, they even playfully tease “Magic Carpet Ride” on “Evil Intentions”. Truth be told, Ketamines stand out from the other players in the fertile Alberta lo-fi garage scene with impressive structure, experimental sounds and surprising new textures not aimless, energetic meanders.

“Teenage Rebellion” jump starts the affair with a delightful riff, shout along chorus and clanky percussion. It’s bratty and brash like garage rock needs to be, but the quintet effortlessly downshifts into mellower grooves and surprisingly solemn territory to keep this listen fresh.

Other than an unfortunately stumble on the album closer, it’s hard to find fault with this fantastic record. Spaced Out is diverse and deep enough to warrant multiple listens and Ketamines deliver the hooks that demand them.

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MP3:: Ketamines - Kill Me Now