Having two sons, I see how brothers interact on a daily basis. Pushing and shoving, hugging and loving. These interactions start too early to be anything more than natural, inherited instinct.

Walrus, a new experimental dream-pop act from Halifax, is the work of two brothers but those roughhouse moments are nowhere to be found.

The two musicians move in step, but this isn’t a determined march. These songs are more of an exhale than any form of exertion. “Growing Pains” is so smooth that the title seems incongruent. Instead of elbows and apologies, you envision two siblings that never had awkward moments, moved freely and confidently and never fell victim to the soul crushing games of the fairer sex.

Sonically, the melodies flow more like a viscous fluid than a series of individual notes. Glockenspiels and triangles ring out, plucked bass tries to force the issue but the brothers hold true. These three songs envelope you slowly, like the morning harbor fog. There might be storms ahead, but for now, everything is perfectly calm in this delightful haze.

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MP3:: Walrus - Growing Pains
WEB:: http://walrustheband.bandcamp.com/