Sanctums is a two man operation out of Calgary comprised of Dan Solo and Evangelos Typist. They describe themselves as a “ambient/downtempo project” and they recently released a self-titled album that is ” inspired by our common love for classical music, film soundtracks, hip hop, & various other elements of beat culture”.

I’m not sure the of the best way to describe the Sanctums sound, but I think you’d need to have the words “moody” and “atmospheric” in the mix somewhere. It alternates between dense and sparse, with drum machines and synths providing the backbone, while all manner of spacey, spooky sounds pan in and out throughout.

As you might’ve guessed by now, I’m no expert in the area of ambient/downtempo type sounds, but what I do know is that this record is headphone music of the highest order, and I suggest you give it a listen. It’s available as a “name your price” download, but any and all donations in the name of the album will be used to help the recovery of their friend Taal Mala who was in a serious accident some time ago.

MP3:: Sanctums - Quarantine