It’s almost too easy to overlook local bands with bigger expectations and accessible sounds. When you consider the lo-fi noise and punk scenes are booming and we’ve had the Celtic folk/bar room poet market cornered for years, it’s easy to see a ton of shows without ever hearing a note of music that seems destined to find a home with a larger audience.

That’s why a band like Soho Ghetto sometimes gets overlooked.

In today’s trending/apathetic culture, they have too many “strikes” against them. Soho Ghetto play polished indie roots music. They care about their music and getting heard. They are a seven member band that will undoubtedly get labeled as a collective. They work on a song until it’s ready, refusing to rush the process and that workmanlike pride extends to their live show.

The result of all those things is a collection of songs that was a year in the making, and even the most dismissive fan would admit it was time well spent. Acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, sprinkling of keys, fiddle and group vocals all swell to make Soho Ghetto they type of band that grabs your ear at a show and holds your heart as a fan.

It’s probably too easy and puts too much pressure on Soho Ghetto to saddle the band with a ‘RIYL Hey Rosetta’ branding, but I can see the band eventually finding a similar fan base. Neither band is one I gravitate towards when I’m flipping through my records, but whenever a song starts playing on my iPod, I start tapping my foot and nodding my head. If that’s good enough for Miles Davis, it’s good enough for me and should be good enough for you.

The band is working to finish their official first release, but have happily offered up a sneak peak of “Honorable Mention.” Grab it now and enjoy.

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MP3:: Soho Ghetto - Honorable Mention