Ever since we heard his rather impressive re-working of Sufjan Stevens’ material into the backing tracks for some of our favorite old school jams, we’ve always had a lot of time for Vancouver-based producer Tor. We’ve posted a couple of his tracks already, but now there’s news that Tor’s proper debut album is on the way.

Drum Therapy is slated to be released on April 24th, and you can count me as one who’s mighty excited for it. The lead single, Glass & Stone, is a big reason for that excitement. Lush live instruments, trunk-rattling drums and perfectly sequenced mysterious female vocal samples are mixed into one hell of a beautiful song. Sounds like we can expect more of these sounds on this album, which Tor has been working on for some 18 months:

It combines down-tempo layered melodic beats with the unmistakable sounds of dusty samples; Tor mined everything from 60’s Italian film scores and long lost Turkish psych records to Celtic folk hymns and deep south gospel.

Can’t wait.