Here’s your new favorite hip hop video, you’re welcome and that was easy. Well perhaps it’s not quite that easy, but take two of the funniest, lyrically nimble and most charismatic MC’s you could find, put them in a visually-pleasing, hijinks-filled video, and I’mma bring back the Parker Lewis reference for you, because you cannot lose. Add in a beat from Fresh Kils, cuts from Uncle Fester, and Rhyme O’ Clock has me eagerly awaiting the release of WordBurg’s new album 3rdburglar on May 8th.

Can’t wait until May? Well if you’re in Halifax, you can catch an in-store performance and snatch up a copy of the new record at Taz on April 27th.

Did I mention the video also features tennis, the Millennium Falcon, a Robocop-style police droid and a Bram cameo? See, told you it was your favorite.