Over the years, we’ve seen Mike Silver explore endless styles under the name CFCF. The meticulous compositions he builds have explored rave-y escapes, hip hop inspired collages, and transformational remakes.

Exercises, his latest EP, is perhaps his most rewarding experiment and easily his most personal work to date. The 8-songs leave Silver exposed and exploring new influences. Drawing inspiration from the architecture that rose to prominence in the ’60s, Silver’s uses the same clean lines and cold facades that dominate those structures, but unlike those works his creations exude heart and life.

Without extending the architectural metaphor beyond its measure, the most significant moment occurs when Silver lets natural light take over his work. Like a rooftop garden or soothing warmth of an atrium, “Exercises 5 (September)” reminds the listener that this chilled melancholy is more man than concrete and steel.

Exercises is as close to singer/songwriter as Silver has ever been - the songs are often little more than piano, syths and supporting textures - and the surprising transition shows the ceiling on his work is rising rapidly. As he readies his next full LP, Silver has just sent expectations intro the stratosphere. History proves he’s up for that challenge.

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MP3:: CFCF - Exercise 3 (Buildings)
Web:: http://cfcf.bandcamp.com/