In the attempt to come up with original content in this ever increasingly overwhelming world of musical curation and critique, we are launching a new feature on herohill today. Based heavily on the Facebook’s latest feature that made millions of people threaten to quit the internet, we have started working with artist’s to give a visual representation of a recording.

We had some tech issues with the plug-in, and over time, we hope this becomes a bit slicker and seamless, but for now, we are just happy to give you another look into the mind of the artist.

Brian Dunn is an artist that speaks to me. It’s easy to throw compliments these days, considering there’s no accountability in hyperbole, but Dunn is an artist I’m proud to have featured on these pages. His upcoming release, TVs and Radios is consuming. Druggy hazes and distortion battle introspective quiet moments, replicating life for most of us.

TVs and Radios drives us through broken hearts, regrets, and the inevitable decision to just say “fuck it” and get high. These are the moments we actually share, not some all consuming, story book love affair or magical journey. For most of us, life ends up with us simply listening to the radio, smiling through the beauty as we overlook the grim reality of society and the world we’ve created and the bad decisions we’ve made. TVs and Radios celebrates little victories with vigor, but acknowledges they are getting fewer and farther between.

Sonically, Dunn approaches purity, but wisely never attempts to complete the journey. Rhodes and piano melodies dance around your headphones, but the grit of the electric guitars and snarl in his voice ensure his thoughts are never sullied with idealism or polish. Textures and notes are rationed, knowing the value they possess. These songs are natural, recorded live with the players and the composition makes this roots record sound fresh and new, instead of a dated rehash of the influences Dunn wears proudly on his sleeve.

I’ll have a full review closer to the release date, but as we premier the lead single, “Country”, we thought it would be fun to explore the crawlspace that is Dunn’s brain during the creative process. Enjoy.

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MP3:: Brian Dunn


What sounds influenced TVs and Radios